Saturday, October 22, 2011

Health and Safety Signs - What Do They Mean?

We see signs almost anywhere we go. When we dine in restaurants, we read the entrance and exit signs. We also see signs pointing us to the emergency exits. Signs also keep things in order. It tells people what part of the street they can cross. It also provides instruction as to where to pass.

Signs are very important in our society today. With everyone minding their own busy schedules, signs prevent it to be chaotic.


There are different types of health and safety signs. Each type serves an important purpose. Here are some of them:

1. Warning Signs

These are very important signs because it informs the individual of the hazard he will encounter ahead. If he is on the road, he can check the warning sign for the kind of hazard he will be encounter ahead.
You will also see warning signs in other establishments. In a fast food chain for example, if the floor is wet, they will place a sign that warns the people of it. This is important so that the customers will not pass by that area to avoid slipping.

2. Prohibition Signs

These signs are essential to instill that a particular act is not permitted. Many use this sign to implement a rule. Some of the popular prohibition signs are no smoking, no trespassing, and no u-turn.
It is important to follow the prohibition sign to ensure the safety of everyone in the area. Making a u-turn in a no u-turn lane might lead to accidents. You might also get in trouble if you smoke in a non-smoking restaurant.

3. Mandatory Signs

You will often see this sign on the road. When you see this, it indicates that you are bound to follow. If there is a mandatory sign for the vehicle in a particular lane to turn right, then it has to turn right.
You will also see this sign in establishments and construction sites. When you see this sign, you have to oblige, if it mandates you to wear safety gear, you have to follow.

4. Danger Sign

This sign indicates the word danger on top of the sign. You will often see this in construction sites. This means that there are inherent dangers if you step in the area. There are also danger signs on the road. This usually serves as a warning when the road is slippery or under construction.

5. Fire Safety Signs

You will see this sign in all establishments as mandated by law. All private and public organization should have these signs posted on their walls. This will direct the people to the nearest exit. This also provides information on what the people should do in case there is a fire.

Health and safety sign play a vital role in our society. First, it provides warning on the possible danger in the area. This informs the people to take precautionary measures as they enter the premises. It also provides instructions on what to do and what not to do. This is essential in maintaining order in the community. Most importantly, it directs you to safety when there is fire.

Health and Safety Signs - What Do They Mean?

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