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Evidence Based recipe to enhance curative Care - Online outpatient study

Current curative profession challenges that hinder patient education:

time constraints insurance carriers low refund rates curative malpractice risk need to market growing competition time fascinating schooling seminars heavy schedules expanding question on staff
and more.

Health Care

These pressures influence patient care and medicine outcomes. patient schooling Systems were industrialized to overcome these challenges and help health care specialists furnish best care for their patients.

Evidence Based recipe to enhance curative Care - Online outpatient study

Research studies mouth the need of favorable and effective web-based educational platforms for patients

Health specialists need methods to furnish schooling to their patients. The best proven clarification is a web-based educational platform that produces consistently high levels of learning retention. Listed below are just a few study excerpts that demonstrate the advantages of using this industrialized educational approach.

Computer-based patient schooling has been shown to be very effective in enhancing knowledge and clinical outcomes.

Lewis, D. Computers in patient Education, Computers , Informatics, Nursing 21(2):88-96, 2003

50% of study participants reported that using the internet made them feel more satisfied with their treatments.

Leaffer, T, Gonda, B. The Internet: An underutilized tool in patient education. Comput Nurs 1996; 14:235-238

69% of patients admitted to not reading the consent form before signing it.

Lavelle-Jones, C. Factors affecting ability of informed consent. Bmj 1993;306:885-890

50% of U.S. Adults or 90 million Americans have strangeness understanding health information.

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Four rock solid benefits of online patient education

Save money and time: requires minimal staff time, allows reallocation of necessary resources, reduces the frequency of marketing seminars, decreases the first office visit length, reduces the amount of patient revisits Enhance patient satisfaction: serves your patients well, engages your patients into the health process, provides tailored, comprehensive educational courses, best manages your rapidly expanding amount of patient records Improve risk management: reduces exposure to frivolous litigation, assesses patient comprehension, tracks patient participation, enhances informed consent process Expand business reach: captures new patients from a wider geographic area, qualifies your prospective patients, personalizes and deliver your marketing messages, promotes your services online, optimizes the competitiveness of your website
Who can benefit?

Surgical practices of particular and many surgeons, curative groups, hospitals, insurance carriers, and other entities in the curative field.

Evidence Based recipe to enhance curative Care - Online outpatient study

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