Thursday, September 29, 2011

Affordable Senior Health Insurance

Recently affordable senior health Insurance coverage has been a big topic as a saving grace for those who can least afford high medical cost. With the skyrocketing cost of health care senior citizens have a way to help pay some of their the costs of health care that are not covered by the original medicare health plan with supplemental insurance officially called "Medigap Policies". The reasons these policies may prove beneficial are that they assist senior citizens who can least afford it from incurring bills they can't pay or from being denied care when needed.

A Medigap policy is health insurance that's sold by private insurance companies, each insurance company decides which Medigap policies it chooses to sell. The good thing is that these health plans for seniors are the same from one supplemental health insurance company to the other. You can choose from up to 12 different standardized Medigap policies, letters for Plans A to L are used to identify each policy. The supplemental benefits in any Medigap Plan are the same for any insurance company. These letters A-L also denote basic and extra supplemental benefit levels. Once you decide on a affordable level of insurance that meets your needs the only difference will be the costs not the plan. Also these senior citizen policies must follow Federal and State laws that are mandated to protect you.


This standard was set specifically to prevent confusion and most importantly to make comparison easy. A Medigap policy must be clearly identified on the cover as "Medicare Supplement Insurance." You can effectively do a search online and compare the costs of providers you may consider knowing that the health plans offered by all potential companies are the same and that they offer identical supplemental benefits. This is why to get the most affordable senior citizen supplemental health insurance rates it is critical to compare Medigap insurance policies as rates widely vary.

Basic supplemental benefits are covered by each of the 12 Medigap policies while additional benefits are determined according to the plan you choose. For example supplemental Plan A is the most basic. Everything in Plan A is offered in Plans B thru L, with these plans offering even more coverage. You will find cost sharing, depending on the level is different for Plans A to J and Plans K to L but that the services offered are similar.

In the event of serious illness or accident, especially for persons who did not sock away a substantial retirement fund during their working years, having to pay the amount that is left after Medicare and Medicaid have paid their share could be catastrophic. For senior citizens a policy that can take care of most of what government insurance plans for seniors do not has many benefits and deserves a look.

Supplemental health insurance for seniors is not too expensive and generally affordable. Just remember it is very important that you compare the policies offered by different insurance companies. Whether you do it locally or easily on line this task should not be skipped, compare. After doing some research you may find that not only is it affordable, senior health insurance is something you can not afford not to have.

Affordable Senior Health Insurance

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