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Lemon Juice Health Benefits

Lemonade is known as a refreshing drink since the time of the Mughals used. Modem studies tend to support this application, the essential oil is very good for cooling the body. These can be used to extend the use of lemon juice with water and sugar, such as picking the best drink when you have a fever

If the body temperature is high, both from the effects of the sun or from the results of the disease, you need to take regular drinksprevent dehydration. Sugar is not normally desirable part of a healthy diet, but must do its part in this with lemon, and although there is no doubt that the addition of honey if available is preferable.


The high vitamin C content of the lemon used for hundreds of years to ward off scurvy among sailors and travelers. There is very little sodium, so the fruit is good for the poor as a seasoning of salt to your diet.

Because in some producing countriesLemons extend their life and improve the appearance of the coating with the chemical diphenyl and waxing the fruits, is a wise precaution to wash the lemon with a little 'odorless soap and rinse thoroughly before converting the whole fruit to juice.

The pulp left from the pressing is very good for the skin and can also soothe the bites and insect bites. If you add equal parts of toilet water and glycerin to the residue, the mixture of hands to keepsmooth.

Doctors Morel and Rochaix demonstrated that the extract of lemon when vaporized will be the meningococcus bacteria, typhoid, pneumococcus and staphylococcus to neutralize 15 to 180 minutes.

A gastronomically inclined French, Charles Richet, was discovered by Dr. Valnet said that the lemon juice added to raw oysters before eating them destroys 92% of the bacteria in 15 minutes have. A good reason to wait before eating!

This information is relevantthe idea that lemon juice should be used very important therapy in all cases of respiratory infections and as a general tonic.

It is assumed that the juice diluted with water, there is no danger of taking any reasonable quantity of lemon juice. Be sure to dry farm, light-colored lemons that have not begun to choose from. The first signs of skin aging can be identified where the stem was attached to the fruit.

Lemon Juice Health Benefits

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