Saturday, September 17, 2011

Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises in North America over the last few years. Its popularity is somewhat of a phenomenon. Although it may be a fad, there are many reasons why it is enjoyed by millions.

The health benefits of this one exercise cover a wide spectrum, so the practitioner is sure of an overall workout within the hour. Yoga is also very suited for today's lifestyle in terms of its affect on mind and spirit - working to slow down our active minds and connect us to a deeper sense of self. It's an ideal exercise if you have limited time in your week to devote to working out.


Yoga helps you relax, tones your body and works positively on your internal organs, promoting optimum health. Yoga is known as an exercise that works on your flexibility, which is in fact core focus.

However, as you flex, you strengthen and as you flex more, you relax and release toxins and as you continue to flex and breathe you bring your focus inward and into the present moment, providing a genuine release from everyday worry and stress.

This breathing and flexing is also providing an internal massage for your organs - which is very unique to yoga. Many Yogis will also say that while moving in this meditative way you are awakening the spirit or connecting to your deeper self. This seems to be the case for anyone that has spent time doing yoga, as you become very tranquil in the process.

For this reason, Yoga differs from most other common exercises, as it is less aggressive then weightlifting, sports or running and less goal-oriented. The main purpose is in fact to dissolve our goal-oriented thoughts and just "be".

With an ever increasing workload and anxiety from our day to day living pattern in this fast paced world, Yoga is an ideal escape, or more accurately, an ideal way to discover what's more important in our lives.

Yoga offers further health benefits that include lubrication of our joints and detoxification of our bodies. If you want to get in touch with your body, enjoy a sublime moment and perhaps connect with your spirit, try some beginners yoga - the journey is far greater then the goal.

Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

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